CMBN Commonwealth Forces Module
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Requires Base Game (Game Engine 3 or 4)

CMBN Commonwealth Forces Module is an add-on Module for Combat Mission Battle for Normandy that brings British, Canadian, and Polish Allied forces to fight in France! It also provides players with the Third Reich's most capable forces in Normandy (Waffen SS) and least capable (Luftwaffe Field Division). There's no shortage of new and interesting situations that can now be simulated.

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There is no download for this product! As long as you have an up-to-date installation you already have 100% of the files you need. Check the Base Game's page to see if you're up to date. Your are allowed to have two activations at one time for one or both operating systems.


Commonwealth Forces introduces over 30 new formations, weapons, uniforms, and even voices. Included are 43 new vehicles, including Fireflies, Jagdpanthers, and the rare Porsche version of the King Tiger. Use these new forces to fight a campaign as the British to Caen and as the Germans trying to get out of the Falaise Pocket. Also included are 20 stand alone battles leveraging the new forces.


A licensed version of Combat Mission Battle for Normandy Base Game is required for Commonwealth Forces. It is recommended you have Game Engine 4 installed, however Commonwealth Forces will work with any earlier version of CMBN. No other Modules or Packs are required.

CMBN Commonwealth Forces Module


Price: $35.00


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