CMBN Upgrade 3 + 4 Bundle
CMBN Upgrade 3 and 4 Overview


Requires Base Game (Game Engine 1 or 2)

We appreciate the time and money you've invested into our products and don't think you should have to start over again every few years. Unlike many other game companies, which either abandon their products or re-release them at full price with modest changes, Battlefront offers you an inexpensive way to enhance your game experience with the games you already own. In fact, Upgrades automatically support all prior additional content (Modules and Packs) and often support new addons that have not yet been released.

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This product is downloadable with the option to purchase a platform specific DVD and/or a general Combat Mission Game Engine Manual. Except for special promotions we do not offer game specific manuals, so if you already have a current Game Engine Manual you're all set! After purchasing you can download either the FULL (large) or UPDATE (small) installers for either MacOS or Windows versions. If you have a current installation we recommend the UPDATE installer. Your are allowed to have two activations at one time for one or both operating systems.


This Upgrade Bundle works with a licensed installation of Combat Mission Battle for Normandy Game Engine 1 or 2. If you are unsure what version you have, launch your game and look in the lower right hand corner for version information. If you see version 1.xx you have Engine 1, if you see v2.xx you have Engine 2


Here are a few of the most requested features that are part of Game Engine 4. See the Features page for a full list.

Hulldown Command
 Vehicles have access to a new movement command called Hulldown. This command allows a vehicle to move forward until only the turret is exposed to a specified target, and then the vehicle stops moving.

Improved Infantry Spacing
 Infantry on the move will now respect each other's personal space! While moving, squad and team members will maintain a few meters of distance between each other. Soldiers will also spread out laterally on the move when possible (some terrain may necessitate column movement, such as paths through rough terrain).

Peeking Around Building Corners
 Infantry units positioned adjacent to building corners will now automatically post some soldiers at the corners to observe and fire around the obstacle

Forward Observer Kill Credits
 Finally, time to see how effective your artillery really is! Forward Observers now get credit on the AAR for any casualties caused by off-map fire missions called in by them.

Screen Edge Pan Toggle
 Tired of trying to fine tune a camera position and then messing it up by touching the edge of the screen with the cursor? Using the hotkey ALT-E you can disable screen-edge camera panning.

AI Area Fire Orders
 The AI can now be scripted to use Area Fire! Each AI Order can have a target zone designated.

AI Facing Orders
 Each AI Order can be given a location for it to Face towards.

AI Withdraw Orders
 AI Groups can be ordered to Withdraw towards their movement destination. Vehicles will move in Reverse to the destination, while infantry will leapfrog back while turning around to face behind them.

3D Flavor Object Clone Tool
 Flavor objects can be cloned within the 3D view without having to go back to the 2D view.


Here are a few of the most requested features that are part of Game Engine 4. See the Features page for a full list.

 Hit impacts to vehicles and bunkers now shown graphically ("hit decals")  New shaders give more depth and realism to 3D objects

 Ground units are now able to fire at attacking aircraft  Ammo Dumps allow platoons to have reserve ammo stored separately on map (automatically distributed for certain Skill Levels)  Improved load time for scenarios, especially larger ones with complex terrain

User Interface
 Three different sets of camera controls; Standard (traditional), First Person Shooter, and Real Time Strategy  KIAs are shown in the Soldier/Crew Panels to track soldiers lost during the game

 Ability to create AI Triggers that execute actions based on other units or interaction with Objectives (existing battles do not have this, but it can be added by authors if they wish)  Maximum map size increased  Customized "Mod Tags" for most graphics. This allows for multiple mods for the same item without the need to move items in/out of Data folder Ability to specify specific mods be used for a specific Scenario. If CM fails to find the specified mod it will use the default

CMBN Upgrade 3 + 4 Bundle

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