CMSF1 Base Game Upgrade
CMSF1 Base Game Upgrade Overview


Requires CMSF1 Base Game License

We appreciate the time and money you've invested into our products and don't think you should have to start over again every few years. Unlike many other game companies, which either abandon their products or re-release them at full price with modest changes, Battlefront offers you an inexpensive way to enhance your game experience with the games you already own. In fact, Upgrades automatically support all prior additional content (Modules and Packs) and often support new addons that have not yet been released.


The CMSF1 Base Game Upgrade works with an original Battlefront purchased CMSF1 Base Game license key. The new installation does not use the old CMSF1 files, therefore you do not need to have a CMSF1 installation present on your harddrive.


Here are a few of the Base Gane specific content improvements with this Upgrade. Please see the Features page for a list of other improvements to CMSF1.

Reworked Content
 Improved and rebalanced TF Thunder campaign and scenarios to take advantage of new features.

 New Training campaign.

 Reworked and expanded QuickBattle maps.

US Army

New Units
 M1129 Stryker mortar carrier.

 M1152 HMMWV carrier.

 On-map dismounted mortars M224 60mm, M252 81mm, and M120 120mm (US Army).

 On-map dismounted mortars M224 60mm, M252 81mm, and M120 120mm (Syria).

 FIM-92 Stinger MANPAD.

 RQ-11B Raven and RQ-7B Shadow UAVs.

Expanded Unit Features
 Amphibious capabilities added to various Syrian vehicles as appropriate.

 Reduced frequency of Squads armed with M32 grenade launcher to better reflect actual usage.

 Lots of fixes and improvements to how units are organized and equipped.

Syrian Forces

New Units
 Ural 4320 truck.

 On-map dismounted mortars BM-42 82mm and 2B11 120mm.

 SA-16 and SA-18 MANPAD.

Expanded Unit Features
 Amphibious capabilities added to various vehicles as appropriate.

 Rifle Squads reorganized to take advantage of Engine 2 improvements.

 AA guns, such as the ZSU-23-4 Shilka and the pickup mounted ZSU-23-2, can fire on enemy air support assets.

 Lots of fixes and improvements to how units are organized and equipped.

How to Activate

As with all current CM2 games the Base Game contains 100% of the data needed for any Module or Pack. Therefore, there is nothing to download for any CMSF2 Module Upgrade. After you receive your Module Upgrade license key, simply launch the "Activate New Products" utility, and enter your new CMSF2 Module license key to "unlock" the Module. After doing this, repeat with your original CMSF1 Module license key.

If you do not have your original license key, and you purchased with a download option, check your store account under the "My Orders" option. Your key is associated with your old order. If you purchased a physical copy only, your license key is on a sticker affixed to your CD case. If you can't find your key, file a ticket with our Help Desk. Remember to include your full name and an Order Number if you have it. We will get back to you as quickly as we can. Please be patient.

CMSF1 Base Game Upgrade


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