CMFI Gustav Line Module
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Currently v2.00 (Game Engine 4)

CMFI Gustav Line Module depicts the desperate battle for the Italian mainland, revolving around Salerno, Anzio, and Monte Cassino, and culminating in the capture of Rome on June 4, 1944. The Commonwealth side of Operation Husky in Sicily is also represented in stunning detail. All German and American forces are updated to reflect formational and equipment changes since the Sicilian campaign. Brand new formations and equipment cover the elite Fallschirmjäger and the combat formations of the United Kingdom, Canada, Poland, and New Zealand.

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There is no download for this product! As long as you have an up-to-date installation you already have 100% of the files you need. Check the Base Game's page to see if you're up to date. Your are allowed to have two activations at one time for one or both operating systems.


The extension of through June 4, 1944 allows you to experience the grueling fighting along the coast, such as Anzio, as well as the epic battles in the mountainous interior, such as Monte Cassino. Four campaigns, 18 stand alone battles, and a large number of Quick Battle maps give you the opportunity to test your tactical acumen. The carefully researched Commonwealth forces dramatically increase the depth and variety of battles you can experience with Fortress Italy


A licensed version of Combat Mission Fortress Italy Base Game is required for Gustav Line. It is recommended you have Game Engine 4 installed, however Gustav Line will work with Engine 3. No other Modules or Packs are required.

CMFI Gustav Line Module


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