This page contains the most up-to-date listing of patches avaialble for our current and past games.

Tip!!  The default view of the files chops off the names, which makes it difficult to know what you need to download.  Over on the right side of the screen is a list icon (three lines) next to the "Sort By" drop down menu.  Click on the icon and you'll see the full file names.

Combat Mission

Patches for CM2 games are arranged by Family (e.g. Fortress Italy) and by Engine version.  The Game Versions are noted in parentheses.  Take care to not instal a patch older than your current installation and always patch in order from oldest patch to newest.  If you install something out of order, simply re-run the patches from oldest to newest.

Combat Mission Classics

      Windows patches work on Windows 10 and earlier, but security settings ("Run as Administrator") may be required before they function.  MacOS games do not work on MacOS X no matter what.  MacOS patches are provided to support retro computing hobbyists.

Strategic Command

      All support for Strategic Command games has moved over to Matrix Games. Legacy patches are still available here, but should not be necessary after patching with the current Matrix version.

Click here for Matrix Games

Theater of War

      Patches for Theater of War work only for games that were purchased through  Purchases made in retail stores or other websites require different patches.

All Others

      All other games which we have patches for can be found here.