Sales Policy Inc. Sales Policy
May 2018
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We at believe in getting product to the customer as cheaply as possible. Unfortunately, the labor, materials, and freight charges are not as low as we wish they could be. Please understand that the fees listed below are what it costs us to get our products to you:

Shipping within the United States $10
Shipping to All other countries $28

Each additional item adds $1 to the shipping cost for the first 2 additional items.  If you add more than 3 items to your order we will contact you if additional postage is necessary.

Customs Delays (International orders)
Depending on the destination, international orders can have a delay in customs. This is nothing uncommon and can delay your package up to 4 weeks on top of the regular delivery time. We understand that this can be very annoying when it happens, but you will need to be patient.

We are not responsible for any tariffs and taxes that may be charged by your respective government on international orders. This fee is charged by the country of destination, if you are unsure about your laws and regulations please contact your local postal agency prior to purchasing to find out the package value limit.

Customs "Handling Fees" - Some countries impose a "handling fee" on all packages entering the country which exceed a certain amount of declared value.  These fees are on top of duties/taxes!  We are currently aware that the UK, The Netherlands, and Australia impose such fees.  The exact amount can be determined by contacting the postal service in question.

U.S. Customs Law prohibits merchants to claim GIFTS on purchased orders placed by international customers. Please do not ask us to break the law.


  • In stock items are usually shipped within 1-2 BUSINESS days after receipt.
  • Backordered and Pre-Order items are shipped out when they become available.
  • Orders with both In stock and Pre-Ordered or Backordered items will ship once ALL items are available.
  • Normal shipping is via US Postal Service Priority Mail
  • All orders are shipped from the northeastern United States.

Once shipped the typical transit time is ROUGHLY as follows:

US East Coast: typically 3-5 Business Days
US West Coast: typically 3-7 Business Days
Canada/Mexico: typically 1-4 Weeks (customs is inconsistent to these countries)
Europe: typically 1-4 Weeks (varies greatly depending on customs)
Pacific Rim/Australia: typically 2-4 Weeks


If your order contains any out of stock, backordered or Pre-order items your order will NOT ship until all ordered items are back in stock. We do not ship out partial orders.

Our online ordering system is setup to bill you at the time of purchase not the time of shipment. That means that as soon as you click the "Submit Order" button your credit card will be billed.

If your order contains backordered or out of stock items you will be billed the full amount before the order ships. If you do not wish to be billed in that way, then please do not place an order with any out of stock or backordered items.

Orders for out of stock or Pre-order items can be cancelled by contacting the Help Desk prior to shipping/release.


With your first purchase a customer account is created for you automatically in our store, using the first 25 letters of your email address as your Username, and a random password (which is emailed to you). In your customer account, you will find all relevant order details immediately after your purchase (no need to wait for emails!), such as download links and license keys, for all your orders placed with that account.


All of our products are offered in Digital Download format. They are functionally identical to physical products and are protected by one of two DRM systems.  Download links are provided at the time of purchase and are maintained in your online store account (in the event we must change them).  Links to purchased products never expire.

Full details and info on the download, activation and licensing system, as well as troubleshooting in general, can be found in this section: Helpdesk


If your mailing address is currently at a military base then please use your "Serving Country" as the Country Location.  For example, If you are located on a military base overseas but are serving in the British Military or Diplomatic Corps then you would select United Kingdom as the Country even though the base could be located in another country.

For US Service Personnel the State Field on the order forms allow you to select  the specific region ex: Armed Forces Middle East (AE), and you would also use United States as the Country.

NO REFUND POLICY does not offer refunds for products purchased. We are a small company and simply can not afford to offer this kind of service. Larger companies can absorb such costs because they turn right around and pass the costs on the rest of their customers.

However, we don't want people to buy our products blindly, so we have several valuable services available to aid you in making a well-informed decision prior to purchasing a product from us. We would much rather you find out that you aren't interested in something before you place an order. An informed customer is a happy customer.

The best resources we have to offer are our demos. Each and every one of our products has its own demo available for free download here on the website. If you have any doubts about a particular product you should first download the demo. Most of our demos are quite small and all are indicative of what the full version is like. If you love the demo, you'll love the full version. If the demo doesn't "do it" for you, then you probably should not purchase the product.

Another resource at your disposal is the Forums. Check out what other people are saying about the particular product you are interested in. These boards are open discussions and criticism of our offerings is allowed (so long as it is mature!) If there is something specific you need to know, use the search feature or post your questions. Someone will most likely give you the answer you are looking for shortly.


If you should be unfortunate enough to receive a damaged product, please contact us within 30 days of the receipt of the item and will replace the product at our expense (including S&H). All you need to do is contact us via our Helpdesk and we will take care of the rest.


Customers are fully responsible for each and every order placed under their name and address. At the completion of your online transaction you should receive an confirmation email that contains the details of your order.If you are unsure if your order went through, or need to make a change to the existing order THEN DO NOT PLACE ANOTHER ORDER but instead email and tell them what needs to be changed. Changes to an existing order may be subject to an additional transaction fee in such cases.