CMSF2 Base Game
CMSF2 Patches


Patches are designed to improve performance, behavior, and occasionally add new features. Before patching it is important to launch the game and confirm your current game version and Game Engine numbers (lower right corner).

Game Engine 4 Patches

    At the present time there are no patches for CMSF2

What to do if you apply patches incorrectly

If you accidentally apply the wrong patches or patch out of order, there's a simple way to fix things without resorting to starting from scratch.

  1. Make sure you've applied all of the patches you need to, even if you did so out of sequence. This ensures you have all the correct game resources installed
  2. Reapply the highest numbered patch for the Game Engine number you have a license for. This overwrites the EXE with the correct, most up-to-date version for your game license
  3. Open up your Data folder and remove any BRZ files that are numbered higher than the version number in Step 2, if any. Doing this makes sure the game doesn't use resources it isn't programmed to understand

The above steps should straighten things out. However, if you still experience problems then it's time to reinstall from either the Full installer from your original Base Game or the highest numbered Upgrade you purchased (Upgrade Full installers are complete). After doing the reinstall you can launch the game, confirm what game version and Game Engine number you have, then go through the patch process carefully if needed. Usually you will not have to relicense if you previously had the game licensed.

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