Contact with existing and future customers is very important to us at Battlefront. We provide two ways to communicate with us: Forums

This is the all around best place to visit if you have technical or general game related questions.  Battlefront staff and testers are frequently directly involved in discussions and answering questions. You do not need an account to search for and read postings, but registration is required to interact with others on the Forum.

For gameplay and technical discussions that are not specific to particular Combat Mission Family, your best bet for information is the General Discussion section:

If you need support of have quesitons that are specific to a particular Combat Mission release, there are separate Forums for each Family of games.

Battlefront Help Desk

If you have technical support needs which aren't address through the Forums, you can contact our Help Desk.  The Help Desk allows for better tracking/managing of your requests than email, therefore we do not offer email support options.  Generally responses can be expected within 1-2 business days.

Please keep in mind we are a tiny company and therefore do not have dedicated support staff.  We do our best to address all issues as rapidly as we can.